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The Why I Hate Fun FAQ: For the Sexyfun Feminist Who Earnestly Believes That Sex

Work is Empowering and Awesome for Women (And Anyone Dumb Enough to Believe Her)

The Why I Hate Fun FAQ
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This LJ mirrors my blog, which is the online version, open to discussion, of a book which I intend to publish. This book is an explanation of my own anti-prostitution stance and a summary of why I believe that sex work is in fact actually bad for you. No really. Each day will have a new question and answer, open to discussion by anybody. (Comments moderated to keep out antifeminists, not all people who disagree with me.) Feel free to submit more questions/comments to whyihatefunfaq@gmail.com.

My Blogger site is: http://whyihatefunfaq.blogspot.com/
My Myspace site is: http://www.myspace.com/whyihatefunfaq